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My first blog ever 12/02/2018

Good afternoon, my name is Rodrigo and this will be my first day doing this blog.

Today I will tell you how my day has gone. Today I woke up thinking- I don’t want to go to school- that was my first tought in the morning, but even so, I open the water of my shower and got into the shower, after take a bath, I took breakfast and prepare my backpack.

It was a cold morning so I got to my classroom as fastest I could. My first class was philosophy. 

After lunch I was not just tyred I was exhausted, in this day any class is interesting for mi, so is the toughest.

After school I took my girlfriend to her home, after I went to my home to get some meal.

The rest of the day I spend my time doing nothing.

This was my blog of the they, I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for your time.


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